How terror groups use the web and how to stop them.

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Terrorist organizations worldwide rely heavily on the internet to operate. From recruiting new followers and engaging with supporters to coordinating attacks and inciting violence, terror groups spread their messaging, raise funds and make calls to action online.  As a result, hundreds of messaging groups, channels, websites, gaming platforms, and social media platforms are used to promote terrorist activity - harming platform safety and creating legal implications.

In this webinar, ActiveFence brings together Trust & Safety leads and Global Security experts to discuss the methods used by terrorist groups to circumvent platform safeguards, how online platforms should approach this challenge, and the importance of transparency and collaboration in countering online terrorism.


Inbal Goldberger
Inbal Goldberger
VP Trust and Safety
Nimrod Zagagi
Head of Counter Terrorism
Jeremy West
Head of Digital Security and Safety Unit
Jan Eissfeldt
Jan Eissfeldt
Director, Global head of Trust & Safety
Wikimedia Foundation