Protecting election integrity throughout the US midterms

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Elections around the world are increasingly challenged, and protecting their integrity is now a priority for online platforms large and small. In preparing for the upcoming US midterm elections, Trust & Safety teams are facing a slew of new (and renewed) threats, including:

- Perceived election bias and censorship

- Claims of election fraud and noncitizens voting
- Covid-19 and heath misinfo
- Anti-government conspiracy theories

- Critical race theory

This webinar features misinformation experts who will explore new variations of these trends, providing an in-depth analysis of their origins, how they spread, and what Trust & Safety teams can do to counter them. Join us to gain insights on securing platform integrity ahead of the elections. 


Inbal Goldberger
Inbal Goldberger
VP Trust and Safety
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Andrew Voxman
Americas misinformation team lead
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Sam O’Neil
Misinformation subject matter expert