Navigating the EU's New Digital Safety Regulations

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The European Union has just adopted two new digital-focused acts - the DSA and DMA – signaling big tech that their responsibility for maintaining a safe and fair digital ecosystem is not just a matter of goodwill. In this jargon-free, live discussion, experts will explain, in simple words, what these laws mean to users and platforms and how Trust & Safety teams should prepare for them. We'll share tips on how companies can not only comply with the new regulations but go above and beyond to maintain platform integrity through shifting legal and ethical landscapes.


Inbal Goldberger
Inbal Goldberger
VP Trust and Safety
yoav lapid
Yoav Lapid
Director of Product
Jan Eissfeldt
Director, Global Head of Trust & Safety
Wikimedia Foundation
Ella Rosenberg
Ella Rosenberg
EU Law Regulatory Expert
Afik& Co Law Firm