Making the Case For Marketplace Risk Intelligence

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Detecting fraud, illegal goods, and counterfeits is the bread and butter of marketplace risk teams. This webinar explores other types of marketplace abuse including a scam case study and examples of hate, terrorism and CSAM disseminated through marketplaces. Marketplaces provide convenient platforms for bad actors to market  their products and services. ActiveFence’s experts, Inbal Golderber, VP of Trust & Safety and Daniel Nisman, Director of Intelligence Solutions are joined by Fiverr's Director of Trust & Safety where they discuss the lesser-known threats to marketplaces and novel approaches to counter them.


Inaml g small
Inbal Goldberger
VP Trust & Safety
Daniel N SMALL
Daniel Nisman
Director of Intelligence Solutions
Liat Shefer, Director of Trust & Safety, Fiverr
Liat Shefer
Director of Trust & Safety