Gaming Safety Trends & Strategies Unlocked

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As gaming becomes more social, and more elements of user-generated content (UGC) are being added – the risk to player safety is increasing. 

In this webinar, we’ll dive into these trends – particularly how user-generated games and in-game chat are impacting the threat landscape. 

We’ll discuss specific phenomena we’re seeing on the rise in gaming – such as weaponization of user names, infiltration of child predators into gaming communities, use of games for radicalization and recruitment, promotion of suicide and self-harm, and digital raids as a rising form of abuse. 

To best support gaming safety, we’ll share the different tools, techniques, and processes that player safety teams are deploying to detect violations, protect gamers, and deter threat actors. 

Join our panel of gaming safety experts to dive into these topics in our webinar: Gaming Safety Trends & Strategies Unlocked.


Jen Weedon
Jen Weedon
Head of Adversarial Planning,Red Teaming & Safety by Design
Jun Young Ro
Jun Young R
VP GlobalAffairs
Naver Z (Zepeto)
josh shrapnel (1)
Joshua Davis
Head of Experience
Tomer Poran
Tomer Poran
VP Solution Strategy & Community