2024 Elections: Securing Election Integrity

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With more than 65 elections globally, affecting almost half of the world’s population, Trust & Safety teams are facing a big challenge of preparing to secure elections integrity and to safeguard against misinformation, hate & harassment and voter suppression.  In this webinar we will discuss what an elections integrity program should look like, top misinformation narratives to keep an eye on, and how Wikipedia, one of the biggest sources of information about elections, is working to keep their content reliable.

Join us to learn about how we detect misinformation at scale and what you can do to securing elections integrity on your platform


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Inbal Goldberger
VP Trust & Safety
Glenn Ellingson2-1
Glenn Ellingson
Visiting Fellow
Integrity Institute
Rachael Levy
Rachael Levi
Senior Director of Geopolitical Risk
Jan Eißfeldt
Jan Eißfeldt
Director, Global Head of Trust & Safety
Wikimedia Foundation